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Venue Profile - Q Station

Q Station spans over 33 hectares and lies within the beauty of Sydney Harbour National Park, a hotel blending rich history and modern business event facilities. Offering a retreat style experience, Q Station combines the tranquillity of Australian native bushland with panoramic harbour views effortlessly, due to its prime location.

Accommodation at Q station caters to every need, from cosy twin rooms to spacious three-bedroom cottages, with 105 accommodation rooms all up and 11 dedicated function rooms for corporate meetings. This makes Q Station an ideal destination for multi-day conferences to deliver meetings and provide accommodation for attendees.

Interestingly, Q Station is the only hotel in Sydney with its own private beach! Guests can indulge in a secluded getaway whilst enjoying easy access to the city by a private charter to the CBD or from the wharf, by ferry, for an extra touch of adventure.

As for dining, Q Station has two impressive restaurants, a bar and a cafe. The Boilerhouse Kitchen and Bar is the oldest operational quarantine facility and Views Restaurant provides breakfast and lunch to conference guests. Overlooking Quarantine Beach, is the Engine Room Bar where guests can enjoy refreshments and beautiful views. The Wharf Cafe and Bar is also available for delicious snacks like sandwiches, pastries and ice creams.

For those wanting to explore their surroundings further, Q Station offers nature walks, historical tours and even a ghost tour that delves into the fascinating history of the site! Guests can wander the trails within and around Q Station, exploring the old buildings and taking in the great outdoors.

Manly's Q Station is the utmost peaceful oasis, offering a retreat away from the demands of everyday life. Manly is just a free shuttle service away where guests can enjoy additional activities and attractions. This venue truly encapsulates an essence of relaxation, history and natural beauty. Time at Q Station slows down, allowing guests to unwind, explore and reset.... even when at a corporate conference!

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